Prefab Drywall & Framing Products Applications

Architectural Forms’ core business is the manufacture of prefabricated drywall forms. Our drywall forms can be molded to an endless number of specifications. In addition to prefab drywall products we also prefabricate framing systems, both traditional metal stud as well as drywall grid systems. Our products will leave you wondering how you ever worked any other way!

A few examples of AF product applications include:

  • Soffits
  • Door headers
  • Window channels
  • Curtain walls
  • Shaft walls
  • Office front
  • Inside corners
  • Outside corners
  • Light coves
  • Columns of any size or shape
  • Single and multi-step horizontal details

The possibilities are infinite!

Benefits of Prefabricated Drywall Shapes

Superior Finish

Certain shapes just can’t be made in the field with the consistent quality of our product. Even for the simple corners that you might be able to keep straight by installing with a laser guide, the paint will give away the difference between paper and compound. Our product solves this finish issue.

Fewer Call Backs

We have all been there, but now we don’t have to go back! No corner beads and no joint compound means you won’t be called back for cracking that occurs when materials expand and contract at different rates.

Easy To Repair

If you have repaired a dented metal corner, you know that even if the cracking does not extend to the whole bead you will have to replace the bead, re-tape, re-compound, and finally paint the affected area. With our patch kit, simply sand, apply the patch kit, and paint!

Our Suppliers

Architectural Forms is proud to partner with the following suppliers. Use our locator at the right to find the supplier nearest to you, along with all of the contact details you need to place a prefabricated drywall or framing order with your preferred supplier.

New York

  • Allied Interior Products
  • Feldman Lumber
  • L&W Supply
  • Marjam Supply Company, Inc.
  • Park Avenue Building & Roofing

New Jersey

  • Allied Interior Products
  • Feldman Lumber
  • Foundation Building Materials
  • L&W Supply
  • Kuiken Brothers
  • Marjam Supply Company, Inc.


  • Allied Interior Products
  • Foundation Building Materials
  • L&W Supply
  • Marjam Supply Company, Inc.


Don’t see a supplier near you? Contact us below and we can facilitate your ordering process.